Best Ways to Speed up PrestaShop

In today’s e-commerce, speed is one of the most important factors affecting the sales for a web-store.The longer user have to wait, the more likely they are to get cold feet. Consequently, online stores that prioritize speed make more money.If you use PrestaShop for your ecommerce website, you have many tools available to fine your shop’s performance. This guide will cover some simple ways to speed up PrestaShop website.

How to speed up PrestaShop 1.7??: 7 tips to optimize Prestahsop Website Performance??

There are a couple of methods of PrestaShop speed up. Let’s check the most common and accessible among them.

1. USe of Combine, compress, and cache

Check PrestaShop system configurations and enable compression, combining and caching of JS, CSS and HTML files. These settings will reduce your website size, so that the browser will transfer the content in a much faster way.

Go to your prestahsop admin Panel >> Advanced Parameter >> Performance >> GO to CCC (Combine, Compress and Cache)

2. Use the Latest version of PHP

Installing or upgrading to the latest version of PHP could bring some major speed improvements. PHP 7 was a substantial upgrade in terms of performance compared to PHP 5.


PHP 7 is double that of PHP 5.6, and it responds to each request quicker.

3. Take advantage of PrestaShop Modules

Speaking of modules, the PrestaShop store has a whole section of online Store Performance Module. Such tools allow you to implement lazy loading, image optimization, and other strategies to optimize your user experience

4. Configure Smarty Settings

There are a few options in Prestashop Admin Panel that can make your web store perform faster.

  • Never recompile template files: enable this settings only in case no changes are being made to the current design.
  • Set Cache to Yes
  • Clear cache every time something is modified: this configuration will clear cache after any modification made and will let your customers see the latest changes applied to your website.

5. Double up your Hosting

The best option would be to choose dedicated hosting. Sharing one server with other websites can slow down your load speed in a big way.

6. Use CDN

Use of content delivery network (CDN) to speed up content delivery. Once you set it up, simply input the static data information into PrestaShop. A content delivery network will cache your static Data across its network of edge servers around the global.Therefore, a visitor’s request can be routed to the CDN’s nearest server. it will speed up your store.

7. Optimize Images

Don’t try to scale large photos with HTML. Optimize images in a program like Adobe Photoshop or with an image compression module. it will help you so speed up to your store.

8. Optimize your Databases

optimize your database every now and then. The free PrestaShop Database Optimization module does a sufficient job. Just make sure you don’t accidentally wipe out order information or catalog data!. You can use Memory Swap for database.

9. Uninstall any unused modules

PrestaShop 1.7 comes preloaded with hundreds of features and modules, many of which you don’t need. Disable and uninstall any modules your store doesn’t use so that they don’t get loaded.